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I have a story to tell.
It will be a good one.

Graphic Designer | Thinkwell Group

Los Angeles, California

What I do

Story is at the heart of what I create.

As a graphic designer in themed entertainment, I have to visually build a story for people around the world to understand.

As a photographer, I want to show the stories in all that seems commonplace.

Quick Bio

I was born and raised in the Silicon Valley, but it really wasn't for me. So moving to Los Angeles was the next logical step because it was the only place in the U.S. [besides Florida (tried that, but sinkholes and hurricanes)] where I could become a graphic designer for theme parks. I create scenic graphics, themed and functional signage, marketing collateral, and much more.


A collection of my work; from personal projects inspired by the myths of lost cities to my professional work for theme parks across the world (mostly China).

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Los Angeles is definitely not a perfect city, but it has a lot of heart. I wanted to dive more into photography to explore the heart of the city, so I grabbed a DSLR and crept on people. Now it's a passion of mine (photography, not creeping).

Shameless Instragram plug: here. I need the likes for fulfillment (not really).